Eyelash extension is a very common procedure today in the world of cosmetics. It costs a lot but it definitely worth the try if you want to have a full and lengthy eyelash. Every cosmetic procedure has advantages and disadvantages, and eyelashes extensions have quite a few too. But aesthetics will always be an advantage specially when it comes to cosmetics as this focuses on enhancing our natural looks or we are aiming for a natural look that cannot be achieve by quick fixes.  

 Eyelash Extension

Online you can easily find eyelash extensions college station services near you and you might stumble on some articles about facts and the regular pros vs cons of getting eyelashes extensions. Today we will be busting some myths about eyelashes extensions. You can add this to your list and considerations before getting one for beauty purposes.  

1) They do not last long  

They can definitely last long. Eyelash extensions can last up to 6 weeks, factors like eyelash growth and makeup application can affect the longevity of your eyelash extensions, but if you really take care of your eyelash extensions and mind the precautions you will not have to come frequently but if it really starts to fall out and you need some fill in, you can do so.  

2) Your activities are limited  

Uhmm, not true at all. You can still do your daily activities with your eyelash extensions on. You can run, you can shower, you can swim and exercise with your new eyelash extensions. You do not pay for much if it eventually falls out on extreme movements. Of course, if you intentionally damage your eyelash extensions they will fall out but other than that you can enjoy your daily activities without worries.   

3) Picking them off by yourself is ok  

This is a big no, no and definitely a myth worth busting when it comes to eyelashes extensions. This can damage your follicle and can cause infections and allergic reactions. If you want them to be removed, go back to your beauty clinic where you have them done and have the professional remove them.   

4) Overdoing them is good to achieve popping looks  

The last thing you want to do is to overdo your eyelash extensions. If you think this will give you a natural look, you might want to think again. Overdoing your eyelashes will make it look like you had false eyelashes and I will really look unpleasant and forced. Follow the advice of your eyelash extension technician and trust them when it comes to the volume.   

5) They will ruin your natural eyelashes  

This only happens to people who do not take care or had their eyelashes extensions done from a cheap beauty clinic. If they have been applied incorrectly or there is too much glue, then it can cause damage to your natural lashes. Every cosmetic procedure comes with extra care and getting cheap options do not always mean quality so, be careful and be cautious.  

There is no price for beauty and with this kind of cosmetic procedure it is nice to know that it’s worth the try and every penny, so always be cautious and trust only the professionals specially with eyelash extensions.